On Simple Pleasures

  • Fresh sheets

  • Walking through a grove of tea olive trees.

  • $5 dollar peony bouquets from Trader Joe’s

  • Strawberries at the peak of summer

  • Tomato sandwiches

  • A deep belly laugh — the kind that reverberates through your body and makes you feel simultaneously alive and close to death.

  • Freshly baked biscuits

  • Quiet evenings at home

  • A roaring fire and steaming cup of tea

  • A cherished pet sleeping soundly on your chest

  • Tomato and mayo sandwich

  • Air conditioning

  • Crossing an item off a to-do list

  • Perfect timing

  • The golden sheen of freshly baked rolls

  • My cousin’s kid telling me I’m the best cook she’s ever met

  • Accelerating onto an open road

  • Voices in harmony

  • The kindness of strangers

  • Crisp winter air

  • A space to call your own

Originally published on January 16, 2019 at Alwaysatodds.com.

On 5 Things


5 things I’m currently digging right now:

  1. Season 2 of Friends From College on Netflix. It’s dark, it’s cringe-inducing, it’s funny, and I really love the costume design and styling. I watched episode 2 with Nancy and we were so obsessed with this white ribbed tank Cobie Smulders wore with a printed Proenza Schouler midi skirt — so much so that I tracked down the stylist for the show and DMed her (and she graciously responded!). In case you were wondering, the top is by The Row and it’s sold out now :( But truly, these people are horrible to each other and I’m here for it.

  2. My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan. If some AI algorithm downloaded everything I liked and turned it into a book, it would be this. I’m barely a chapter into it and I’m already in love.

  3. Single Parents on NBC. Co-created by Liz Meriwhether, who also created “New Girl”. It’s adorable. It’s hilarious. It’s a heartwarming show about families, only unlike This Is Us, you’re not emotionally cutting every week. Just watch it.

  4. Engraved calling cards from Terrapin Stationers. Instead of printing a bunch of cheap cards with information that may change or get outdated, I splurge on some nice cardstock that show just my name and I handwrite my contact details. People seem to really get a kick out of it, so I just ordered some new ones for work.

  5. Cashmere beanie by Meg Cohen. Because it’s fucking cold.

Originally published on January 15, 2019 at Alwaysatodds.com.