This is Grace. 

Those are her sweet dance moves. 

This is where she's been

This is what her brain looks like

These are the reasons people call her: copywriting, communications strategy, creative concepting, speechwriting, research, copyediting, dependable plus one wedding date, and her skillet cornbread.

Here are what some illustrious and influential people think about Grace's can-do attitude. She knows all these people personally*:

"Grace Yu eats creative wheaties for breakfast." - Mark Twain
"My BFF. LOL." - Tina Fey
"Grace Yu has the emotional depth of a kiddie pool and the wisdom of a clam." - Steve Martin
"What a goddess." - Ryan Gosling
"Perfection." - Michael Fassbender

Grace is available for part-time freelance work.

Got a project? Looking for the right word(s)? Let’s talk.


*Of course these testimonials were made up for giggles—a girl can dream, can't she? Please don't sue the Yu.